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We started this company based on one simple premise: Everyone should have access to investments that create wealth and peace of mind.

Equity2Gain provides a market place with unparalleled access to high quality Real Estate investments. Our goal is to provide a lifetime of financial security. 

Equity2Gain finds and purchases real estate for less than it’s intrinsic value, creating a profit driven strategy we can then pass to our clients.

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bullet icon YOU'RE THE FIRST TO KNOW about new investment opportunities. Our goal is to inform you when any changes hit the market. E2G is constantly watching the changes, new listings, trends in lending, new construction, and flipping opportunities giving you a jump on increasing your portfolio.

 A TOP-RANKED investment company. We understand that our success is truly based on your success. Integrate, commitment, honesty, are how we represent you every single day.

bullet iconHIRE US, AND YOU GET A TEAM WORKING FOR YOU. E2G is unique group that has the ability to help with all your investment needs. Our staff consists of contractors, agents, investors, property management, lenders, inspectors and we can get you through the entire process without sending you to a referral. We are there from start to finish making sure you are 100% satisfied with your investment.

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Our strategy is to acquire underperforming assets, add value, reposition, and manage, to create a lifetime of value for our clients.

Tell us your goals and we will help build a real estate investment plan to achieve them. With our ongoing market intelligence for buy, hold, rent or sell decisions, we give you the tools to maximize your returns and protect your assets.

Live a millionaires lifestyleInvest, Don’t Speculate, in Real Estate, The philosophy is simple yet elegant: an asset should pay the investor to be the owner. In the real estate sector, that means you would buy properties that produce a stream of income that recapitalizes the owner.

People often associate the word ‘investing’ with terms like stocks, bonds, annuities, etc. The thought of owning a rental property rarely enters into their strategy.

retire on the beach

However, when compared with other types of investments, investing in real estate, especially in your own income-producing rental properties, is a far better option in several ways. Whether you are retired or about to retire, there are many reasons you should consider investing in real estate. Let us share why we think Real Estate is a great option for retirement.

1. It is easy to understand.

Unlike trading stocks and bonds, the act of investing in real estate is very easy to understand.

It can be very tricky to play the stock market because the results happen as a result of factors outside your control. Most people do not fully understand much about how the stock market works and often have to rely on other so-called experts to decipher it for them.

Real estate investing, however, is an investment you can directly control. It is something that most people, including seniors, find very easy to grasp thereby making them venture in and carry on with the investment process with ease.

2. It generates passive income.

generate passive incomeThe only work that needs to be done on your own rental property is management and maintenance. I recommend that you hire a property management to take those responsibilities off of you. For 10% of the rents, it is well worth the cost to free you up to truly enjoy the “passive” part of that income. To this end, it is imperative that you make sure to carefully vet and select your property manager. This is your most critical team member. Also, it is important that you (or really your property manager) have a solid system in place to carefully screen potential tenants to alleviate the management and home maintenance issues. Outside of a phone meeting once a week or once a month with your property manager, a retiree can truly enjoy their retirement and the constant income.

3. It is an inflationary asset.

As an impossible force to be reckoned with, inflation is something that remains constant in real estate and life in general. Although the fixed-rate-mortgage on your rental property will still remain the same, as time goes by, your rental income will increase as you adjust rents based on inflation because the cost of living will always continue to increase. Therefore, as your rental income pays down your debt, your income increases year-after-year. This helps to keep your expenses steady. In addition, as the property increases in value, so does your equity and you always have the option to tap into that if you want to expand your real estate portfolio.

 Selling a property

4. It can be sold.

As you pay down your mortgage and equity grows, your real estate investment becomes a valuable asset that is always available to you. As a senior, you never know when there may be a major medical expense or other emergency where a large cash amount may be required. This is when your rental property becomes an asset. As you rent it out, it will begin to generate monthly income for you. But if there is an emergency, your property is like this huge emergency savings super-fund that is always available if you need it. In other words, if there is need to sell for one reason or the other, you can always cash out on your asset.

Estate law, manage inheritance

5. It can be passed on to your heirs.

Real estate is an investment that can be passed down as a tangible asset to the next generation in your family. As a great source of cash flow, it helps to provide income for your retirement today, but it can also generate income for your heirs once you’re gone. And it can help supplement their income, emergency medical expenses, college funds, and more. One of the most wonderful parts of having real estate is that It can become part of your legacy that you pass down to bless your children, grandchildren and beyond. If you look at the investment portfolios of some of the world’s wealthiest individuals, you’ll see that real estate is a dominant investment asset. The reason for this is because real estate is a tangible asset, which means it always holds and increases in value over time and is relatively easy to acquire. Whether you are looking for an investment with high returns, a source of additional income in your retirement years or an asset to grow over time and pass down as part of your legacy, real estate in the ideal vehicle for retirees moving into that next season of their lives.


The ability to create cash flow is unparallel in the investing world. One of the biggest benefits is that tenant leases generally secure the assets.

If you buy with cash at a value price, this provides an immediate, regular income stream significantly higher than almost any stock dividend yield.

If you obtain a mortgage, the lease covers your repayment obligations while you hold the property for future capital gain.

Your ability to leverage and multiply asset value, another important characteristic of real estate investing. The ability to leverage debt several times your equity allows you to buy more assets with less money, significantly multiply asset value, and increase equity as the loans are paid down.

In other words, if you have $100,000 to invest, instead of buying 1 property outright, you could buy 5 properties worth $100,000 with a $20,000 equity position on each, securing $500,000 in real estate assets at today’s lower prices and low interest rates.

Even for a modest investor, continuing this strategy over time can lead to significant cash flow during retirement years. Placing positive leverage on an asset allows you to effectively increase cash flow by borrowing money at a lower rate than the property pays out. For example, if a property generates a 7% cash-on-cash return, and you obtain a mortgage debt on it at 4%, you essentially earn 7% on the equity portion and 3% on the money borrowed.

Real Estate is one of the best ways to hedge against inflation.

Inflation is generally defined as, “an increase in prices and decrease in the purchasing power of money.” As the United States continues to print fiat currency to spur economic growth, it is important to recognize the benefits of owning tangible assets as a hedge against inflation.

Real estate investments historically have the highest correlation to inflation compared to other asset classes, including 10-year T-Bills. The price and value of real estate, particularly multi-family units that have a high ratio of labor and replacement costs, will almost always rise with inflation. This means you’re likely covered when you go to sell your property.

Real Estate also allows you maximize your tax benefit.

This one is huge. The US Tax Code benefits real estate owners in a number of ways, including unlimited mortgage interest deductions and accelerated depreciation that can shield a portion of the cash flow generated and paid out.

Each time you sell an investment property, the IRS allows you to execute a 1031 Exchange. This allowance lets you trade up to another property and defer all taxable gains indefinitely. This can snowball into significant money you can put toward more investments today.

Another bevy of tax advantages are available through a self-directed individual retirement arrangement, or SDIRA. When you are in control of your own retirement account, you can choose to invest in almost anything you want, including real estate and private mortgages.

For a full explanation of these options, talk with your financial planner and tax advisor.



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